Top Linkedin Influencers And Their Designation

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Social media influencers are a necessity to the community. They inspire us, motivate us and spread positivity among us. Nowadays, influencers are required in every industry and people are doing good work and appreciating them.

Who are social media influencers

As for the name, influencer refers to those who influence a large people on a big platform. On the social media platform, people do cheer up, motivate and inspire their fans. A social media influencer is a person of interest who has established credibility and importance in the industry or social media. The social media influencers have access to a huge amount of audience and can influence the audience with their virtue, social work.

About LinkedIn

Linkedin is a business-oriented social media networking company. It is launched in 2003 and it has a medium of application and website. It is a perfect media for jobs and related queries. Employers post about jobs and vacancies and job seekers apply for that. The job profiles of LinkedIn are very good and suitable. So LinkedIn is an important social media of sincerity and it has its own influencers.

Linkedin influencers and their profile

According to, the top LinkedIn influencers are:

  1. Lillian Pierson – developer of data strategies for the next level business, coach of techies and has 344 thousands of followers
  2. Edney Souza – worker of digital marketing, technologist and has 101 thousand followers
  3. Neal Schaffer – social media marketing expert, business advisory, software informer and has 39 thousand followers
  4. Jocelyn Walker – fashion blogger and social media influencer and has 30 thousand followers
  5. Herve – business school professor and digital marketing entrepreneur and has 29 thousand followers
  6. William Sears – digital marketing expert and has experience in tech industries and in entertainment and has 23 thousand followers.
  7. Harleena Singh – having 23 thousand followers she is a blogger who is been blogging for six years
  8. Melissa Tierney – she is an expert on clothing, beauty, jewelry, home, décor and has a large 21 thousand fans
  9. Patricia Bokowski – having 20 thousands of followers she is the owner of her image consulting business NineFrogs. She is a blogger too.
  10. Haroon – a person having an interest in tech, do business with new tech products and has 20 thousand followers.

These are some of the best and top LinkedIn influencers who are influencing people for a long time. They have a large audience and whatever they post and whatever they do, people just get the inspiration from them.