The Best Opportunities for the Web Design Works for You

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When you are trying to sell web design, managing social profiles, SEO services, applications or product/service, you will have to convince your potential customer that you will create value for their business. Whether this can save them time, increase revenue, or both, your job is to convey the message with empathy and conviction.

To be honest, the owner of the company may initially not care what you offer. The pressure is on you. Now you have the task of convincing your prospect that what you offer is worth it. From their point of view, they are doing well and prefer not to spend the money on something they would regret. The use of the Dubai web design happens to be essential in this case.

Then the question turns: “How can I convince this person that I will not be the biggest mistake?” To give them real value, you need to understand their organizational goals, to have opportunities for improvement and to lead them through the stage of change. This requires some care. Do your research – look at their website, their social channels, and so on. Do they have a blog? Read it. Do they have a newsletter? Sign up and analyze the content. Is it effective? Read the texts on their site, especially the “About Us” and “News” pages to find out more about what they are doing. Plus, you will prepare a few questions to ask.

Ask, ask, ask

To get better results in conversations, you need to set specific goals for each one. Your goal must be either:

  1. the advantage over closing the deal
  2. closing the deal itself.

We strongly recommend that you understand the SPIN method for high sales that will undoubtedly improve your game.

In essence, your task during the conversation is to trigger and identify valuable opportunities by asking questions. To do this, you need to develop a need for your product or service.

You can get a much better idea of these “needs” with proper research. If you are going to a doctor’s office, be sure that they want their web traffic to lead calls or scheduling meetings through the website. What does this process look like right now? Do they have a landing page appropriate for their purpose? The big question you can ask your business owner might look like:

What is the bounce rate on the site? I’m curious about site traffic? I believe there is an opportunity to increase engagement and I am sure that this will improve the presence of your business online.

According to Google experts, a bounce rate of over 35% should cause concern and over 50% must bother the owner of the company. Do not be fooled, almost no website has a good bounce rate.